Folder Forge App Reviews

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Waste of money..!

Chosen folder fails to apply to system folder and there is no help to resolve this issue for Sierra. Folder Forge Support is nonexistent and the webpage offers absolutely no insight. Very disappointing.

Last upgrade

Took me a minute to figure it out but it works great now… I love it. A lot of fun and now, easy to use!

Crashes in macOS Sierra

Program will not even start in macOS Sierra. You just get a crash screen which says it quit unexpectedly . I have contacted the designer but they are claiming it is s problem with some Apple library and are waiting for further instructions. Used to work great but nothing now!

Note to Programers

Apple is working on the next version of the OS as I type this. You might want to start working with Apple so the program works when that version comes out as it does not work now with Sierra. Until Sierra came out it was a nice program that I used constantly. I mean seriously, Sierra came out over two months ago and still no fix.

Crashes in Sierra

Been using this app for years but now it crashes in Sierra. Tried uninstalling - reinstalling. Immediate crash 100% of the time.

Very Nice

This app has beautiful content and makes it bone-simple to customize folder icons. GREAT for keeping things organized. It is well worth the asking price - in fact It would be worth the price if its only function was to apply plain colors to folders as easily as it does. The photographs and other options are rich bonuses. Terrific work!


Finally and update after 2000 years! :)

Does Not Work Properly with El Capitan

There are a lot of bugs that need to be fixed clear across the board. There is also white background that gets added on to the folder. I would like to be refunded for the lack of functionality.

White-Canvas-in-the-Background-with My-Folder-Creation Bug?

When I save my folder creation, the white canvas is saved along with it in the background. Is this a bug in the software or am I doing/not doing something that would allow me to save my folder creation without the white canvas background? Anyone else having this problem? FYI On the website for the app developer, Samuco, and this link to “Folder Forge Support” you get: “Error” and "Not Found - The requested URL /web/node/5 was not found on this server,” respectively. "What’s a guy ta do?” I’d change this rating to a five if I can eliminate this bug.

Creative Way to Visually Organize

One of my favorite apps! I am constantly making new folders with personal photos and great pics on the web.

Folder Forge

This is a splendid App and it's fun creating new and colorful folders. I love this app. I'm a Graphic Artist and enjoy the variety of embellished folders. Helps me keep track of thousands of images more easily. Thank you sir, for creating this.

Great App!

I have a couple of apps like this one but I have to say this one is by far the BEST ! It is easy to use, do so many things and just PERFECT ! Thanks

Needs Work

It does have some nice included folders icons. However, the Creator option needs work. Undo and ReDo do not work, and neither do the Cut, Copy and Paste. Can’t select font for text on the folder icon, and can't apply text effects like bold and italic. Vertical and horizontal text centering would also be a nice feature to have. It also has trouble changing the folder icon more than once - if I change a folder icon and then want to change it to another folder icon it will reset the folder to its original default icon and not apply any firther changes.

Awesome app fos us with ADD

Helps me identify folders ASAP, and it only takes 30 seconds.

Wish I Had Got This Sooner.

I really like how my desktop looks now. I even made a folder from my own photo. I just went to Help to find out how to do it. But there are many nice folders to choose from too. Very easy to use.

Beautiful Folders

Folder Forge has beautiful and colorful folders to organize your documents. Also, you can create your own folders and choose any color or design. The only thing it is that I had the previous version (10.0), and I missed the animal shapes.

Very Useful, But Some Features Glitchy & Too Few Standard Options

I deeply appreciate this application. Ever since Mac removed its colored files/folders option, I’ve been dependent on it for organization. I enjoy the wide variety of styles to choose from for folders as well. I recommend it. I have only two complaints. (1) When you try to change the color of a file you just colored, it removes any design and reverts to standard. You can’t change it again. Sometimes restarting the computer sets the color you intended; other times, there’s nothing you can do to format it besides delete the folder and make a new one…with a different name. (2) While there are many excellent designs; I would be grateful if there were a wider variety of standard colors. What I mean by this is that I’d like folders that look exactly the same as the standard folders, but are colored, and I’d like every color in the rainbow + black, white, and grey options. Or, at least, I’d like simpler black, white, and grey options than the ones that are present. “Glass” versions would be fine. Also, I’d like some more zoomed-in images that actually look like something on small folders, but that’s tertiary. Thank you for a very useful app.

GREAT VALUE for the Money

Thank you for coming up with a unique way to visually organize my folders. Love the app, easy-to-use, self-explanatory. Would be nice to have a scroll-bar on the right to scroll all the image folders without enlarging my window. Would also like the ability to go back and re-edit folders that I have created without having to re-create a new folder each time. With that said, I still think it's a great app and those are just minor tweaks which will help improve upon a nice app indeed. Keep up the good work.


Super app for making folders stand out

NIFTY APP version 1.5.3

Great app for customizing those BORING Mac folders. Lots of preset choices and options for making your own folders including putting text on the folder icon itself. Lots of colorful choices for creating your own folders. You can even add your own icons or photos. If this app had an option for batching folders, I’d love it even more. Very easy to use, reasonable at full price, GREAT if you can snag it at 50%! If you’re tired of looking at all those pedestrian blue folders, give this app a try. If this version had a batch option, I’d rate it 5 stars. For now, I’m giving it 4 stars and hoping to see it in the next update.


I have totally arted and customised my mac! happy=)

Nice application

I have used folder forge, and it’s earlier versions, and have found it to be my favorite application to modify folders. It does have some weakness in the custom creation, but it is definetly workable.

Very cool app!

I use this app frequently, I love creating unique folders for my doc & apps. Works perfectly and easily! Buy this now that it is on sale; you;ll be so happy you did!!

Simple, effective, and works

Does exactly what it says without a hitch. All Finder views including Cover Flow work fine. Allows you to mask images to create your own shape and/or superimpose your own image. Easily replaces icons currently in use. Catalogs created icons. DOES NOT batch replace that I could find so far. It would be nice to, say, batch replace folders to match their label color.

Effective, basic program

The functionally does what it is intended to do. There are also some great starting features, however, the features may have a bit of a learning curve. Overall, I completed the tasks that I needed to do with minimal time required.

No longer creates folder on desktop

Used to work great - now the program does not create folder on desktop. Only creates in my document folder.

Half baked app frustrates when it should delight

THIS should be a cool app. But it's half baked. A simple thing like using an image to jazz up a folder simply doesn't work as you'd expect. Resizing an image to fit the folder shape is far from intuitive; you have to click around mindlesslessly till the resize handles appear, and when they do, they don't allow you to select part of the image that fits the folder, you have to distort the image to squeeze it onto the folder. Adding text is another problem: sometimes if you click in the right places and have been a good boy all day you can actually move the text around. Other times you're punished and you can't. It's not worth the money considering what else is available for a buck or two.

next upgrade

I love this app with the one exception that I can not apply a jpeg to the folder image... Please , you have to add this in the next upgrade... you would get a lot more sales with this capability

I love the App, Does what it Says!

This is a great and simple to use App, thought it did take a little while to figure out how to make them. (very little time) It is so simple to design and make folders, you can really become creative. It is simple and really a lot of fun to style up your app. I love it it. And, though i make my own folders, you can choose from the hundreds supplied. Just a good simple app that does what it says it does!

Really Cool App!

A very simple app but Colored Folder Creator does what it says it will do & that made a huge difference in my filling system. I file by years, then have master folders in each year for repeating subjects. Each master holds many folders. Had to keep a loose copy of a pic out of each folder in every master to remind me of what is is inside each one! This year is already awesome. No loose pics in the master folders & every folder is a visual treat as well as being useful! Don't even need to read the folder titles, a quick look is enough of a reminder of the content because each folder is a picture! Oh, & did I mention that this is a lot of fun, too! Don't sweat the scaling - the folders are not the image - they are only a reminder of the image! If it is not a perfect representation it's no big deal! If you want perfect then crop a copy of your image into a short rectangle or square format, keeping in mind that the top part will be cut off for the shape of the folder (if that is the masque you are using)! Personally I love this app & recommend it without any reserations!!

I like this App alot but...

This is a very cool app considering what it does. I am a visual person and it is nice to have the abilty to create quick and easy files and icon images to use for folder identification. However that being said, in the last few updates the app has become a bit more messy in it's design [current version 1.2]. Mainly my grip is the top menu bar it is getting crazy. the creator button is on their twice and there are so many template collection shown in the top that the app needs to fill a pretty good chunk of you desktop realstate which can be at times a sparce thing. But that should be an easy fix but it doesn't take away from what the program does. Perhaps we could group the template collections into their own drop down folder. Also, I would personly like it if the tool box for the creator was more slim line or maybe intigrated into the main creator window. Because it can get annoying haveing to move that thing around to keep out of the way. But still the app is cool and I like it and hope it gets better in the coming versions.

Valuable tool for digital artists

I love what this program is able to do. As a digital artist, I organize my projects into folders. With this program, I can now easily visually identify what is inside my project folders. I would like to suggest some improvements to make it more useful for my needs. My images are large and when I bring them into the creator, they are forced into a square format. I then have to eyeball the scaling so they appear correct. I would like if my image came in proportionaly scaled. Also, to use the handles to scale the graphic, I have to move the image to see the red dots in the corners, do the scaling, and then recenter the image. It would be helpful if the handles for scaling the image were on corners AND on mid-side. When using a corner handle, there should be a way to keep the image's ratio, maybe a shift modifier. I like to use the escape key to cancel a window A grid or guides would be nice. I am not sure that the undo function works. I would like a way to get back to the previous screen with a back button. The manor of attaching an image to a folder is a bit awkward. Not sure what to fix cause I am used to it now, but it was not intuitive. I think the language in the save window "What would you like to apply this folder?" confused me. Anyway, I think it is a great program. I look forward to updates.

Great Support and Great App.

This was a great app before with a couple of small glitches. The lettering of a folder was a little confusing and there were no font choices. I emailed the support group and within 2 hours I had an answer to my question. They also told me of this update which has made it very easy to add lettering and to use Apple's Font Library. These people listen and put out a great product for the money. This is money well spent. You will love turning your folders into works of art.

decent app, not worht $7, terrible customizer

This is an impressive app, although it is easy to change a folder icon if you just cick "get info" on the folder and then select the old folder icon in the top left of the window. Then just "command-v" and paste the copied image over the old icon. So now we know we are paying $7 for a bunch of folder icons, and a terrible image customizer. If all you want is to replace folder pictures with flags and smileys, buy this app. The custoimzer is worthless; the "masks" didn't work at all for me and with the tools they give you, (and there is no ability to drag and drop or copy-paste an image into the customizer) your image options are limited. Let's see an update fixing the customizer, however I still regret spending 7$ on a few images

Makes things better

It makes your desk top feel much better. You don't have to keep looking at the same old folders. Give your folders a different look. Make it easy to distinguish between different type of folders. And if you like you can create your own folders too.

Not worth the price

From the preview panes of the app, I thought that I would be able to make some really cool folders. I have to say I was thoroughly disappointed with the quality of the folder templates provide. Not very smooth edges and the '1000s' of included folders look horrible on an actual desktop. I'd recommend you find another app unless they considerably improve on version 1.0.

No HELP feature. QUIT Safari, Many issues

First install, it crashed Safari, and window showed it sent a message to APPLE. ( I am writing this to hopefully detail the problems to the person creating this program, and to warn in advance of certain features that can mess with your organization of folders. ( So I Then closed out of other programs. Started again. Tried in vain to get folders to drag and drop. YOU have to take off all the labels you previously applied to the folders. OR it telescopes down to lowest subfolder. BE careful. WHEN creating a new folder, the "creator" forgot to program the toolbar fonts and text boxes. Sometimes a text box works. Sometimes it just slides the actual WINDOW around on the screen . AND funny if you use the brush tool in , it only brushes up if the window is stopped at the top of your screen. I SAVED THIS since I said delete and deleted an icon in the photo library, instead of my creation. I have one red folder with vertical brush strokes. I deleted it from my color folder creator. THEN try out the TEXT font options , which do nothing. "Make font bigger or smaller" has no effect when highlighting the text in the box.. THE 4th slide above in the ad, ( YELLOW SAMUCO FOLDER ) shows a settings box. THERE IS NO " FILL "setting under the selection toolbar that shows in the photo!! Only a small box square box about half the size of the folder and text about a 10th the size of the image you see "SAMUCO" yellow sample folder above. The text color doesnt change. THEN I got out, back in, and tried it again, hour 2 , now. Remember I deleted the red folder with black brush strokes? IT appeared again. No reappearing of the original red folder, though. So I click to delete, and it shows an old green folder I had abandoned an hour before, and deletes the red one again. So I go in again, try a differnt color, different tools, and make a green line, a black letter, and then apply a MASK of a hand, and I don't like it so I cancel it with the RED X, and guess what. the old red folder with black brush strokes appears in the creator box again. I deleted that 3 times, keeps coming back. The hand folder, It appeared in the finder later but it is not in my "created window" still. Nor is the green one I tried. I COULD tell you more, but this is a application that should have been very simple, but is creating crashes and false advertising as far as screen shots above and the tools jsut dont work. EVEN FINDING your created folder is a trial and error if you have a moderate library of blue folders you are trying to organize. OH, and when you drag and drop a photo folder on top of your blue folder, dont drag it back to the library. Just count it fortunate if one of 5 comes back to the library, or you will create another crash and a ghosted out top of the folder on your desktop that is all but invisible until you start FINDER and see an empty space where a folder USED TO BE. Please fix this or return my purchase price. Maybe you can fix the tools and give a help feature so others dont' have to trial and error find out as I did not to lose photos from the library. ONLY use a folder once if you are going to change it, Duplicate feature doesnt work. ALSO there is no way to close the windows ( RED circle MAC left top of your screen is now grey. YOu have to accept ( GREEN CHECK or DELETE, RED X . SO one has to quit colored folder application. If you can take the time to put all your folders on the desktop and have just stock photos put on desktop, you can only use a photo once, not same color for groups like you can for Folder labels. OK one last thing. I just tried the putting my folders on desktop and their folders on the desktop and drag and drop, and it only works for select folders. NOT FOLDERS created by some software, even though they were originally all the same blue folder. NOT USER FRIENDLY< Nor as advertised unless you just want to create new folders and drag your old files into the newly colored folders , not worrying about coloring many subfolders. drag and drop into FINDER folder you wish to change, and instead, it goes down to the lowest subfolder 9 of 10 times. Please test these things out before selling them to the public and under APPLE"s name.

Too Cool

This is way too much fun. Like turning elaborate Photoshop projects into child's play. I'm having a ball with this!

No picture import?

ok but no custom pics.wawaaa Update my bad just drag & drop... now were cookin

Pretty Darn Cool!

This is a very cool folder cover painter. Just pick a folder, then go to this program and click the texture you want for it. It even comes with a creator package. No more blue folders!

Colored Folder Creator

Great app! You would think that we should already be able to do this in Mac OSX. This app could use a few updated features, such as: -A folder template so that it is easier to create your own folder from scratch -And more editing abilities in order to change text colors, fonts, and create color gradients. Overall, this app is not a complete waste of money. I can't wait for an update. I just hope that the updates are free.

worth it.

tired of boring light blue plane desctop folders? then this is the app for you! You can: - Choose from a variety of premade folders - Create your own folders - use your own pictures and text - save them straight to your desctop and star fashionably storing your documents! Drawbacks: - hard to get the hang of - not free :)

just excellent

Folder finding was never so easy before.

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